Naruto 673
Gaara: Naruto...when you become Hokage...let's get hella turnt.
Naruto: Bitchin'.
Cuando Muere la Tarde | San Pedro Sula 
Llevo en mi pecho ganas de llorar. Es una tristeza profunda que no se quita con tiempo. Sólo se madura, llena de amargura y nostalgia.

                       break that bond.

I’m finding myself increasingly trapped within the dangerous impulse to write long sentences devoid of imagery and sensory details which naturally appeal to me; leaving me with a rhetoric that relies entirely upon society’s routine sentence structures and only incidentally appealing to the individual’s ability to absorb diverse experience. 

This is self-indulgent nonsense. 

the kings.
Artist: Hollow & Akimbo

Track: "Did You Lie?"

Plays: 10 plays

It’s hard to say what you’re paying for.

Did you lie?  Did you try to get over?

I’ll stay until you fade out.

Get turnt. 

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