Cuando Muere la Tarde | San Pedro Sula 
Llevo en mi pecho ganas de llorar. Es una tristeza profunda que no se quita con tiempo. Sólo se madura, llena de amargura y nostalgia.

                       break that bond.

I’m finding myself increasingly trapped within the dangerous impulse to write long sentences devoid of imagery and sensory details which naturally appeal to me; leaving me with a rhetoric that relies entirely upon society’s routine sentence structures and only incidentally appealing to the individual’s ability to absorb diverse experience. 

This is self-indulgent nonsense. 

the kings.
Artist: Hollow & Akimbo

Track: "Did You Lie?"

Plays: 10 plays

It’s hard to say what you’re paying for.

Did you lie?  Did you try to get over?

I’ll stay until you fade out.

Get turnt. 

Artist: Billy Joel

Track: "Movin' Out "

Plays: 70 plays

I was driven by the essence of this song and my endless love for Sasuke to put them together through song and watercolors. He’s wearing my outfit from today, but the sunglasses were the product of Divine Will pushing me to paint. 

Sasuke's movin' out!

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